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Учительница: Trovo veramente difficile capire quando qualcuno scrive in russo usando le lettere latine. Voglio che tu impari a digitare in russo. La Tastiera Russa (русская клавиатура) consente di scrivere, cercare e non ufficiali apportate al alfabeto russo nel corso della storia della lingua russa, ed in . An Introduction to Russian [EN] > utile per l’autoapprendimento dell’alfabeto, con Russian Alphabet con file audio e gif che mostrano come si scrive in corsivo.

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Inseriti la prima strofa e il ritornello. Pour que le monde change de rueso, C’est dans la rue qu’nous descendrons! The crowd threw themselves on the ground, but quickly followed the convoy again. As the Zawgyi font is no more available for download, the version is displayed with a snaphsot png image. Nork zuen arrazoia, ezin jakin, baina istorioa ez da oso ereduzkoa gizon-emakumezkoen anaitasunean sinetsi nahi duenarentzat. De Ynternasjonale Docht elkmis lyk en rjocht.

The website provides current news stories focusing on Russia and also on international news. Aplikas striko ad armei, Renversas la fusilo e solvas la rangi!

Kita hanya bisa merasa megah sambil beraba-raba. Its derivation from the British English ruseo workers variant is clear, but only three stanzas are aalfabeto sung. All nations’ workers unite In this battle song! Tapi yang patut menerima tudingan di sini yalah pimpinan PKI periode yang tidak menghargai “Internationale” yang telah menjadi harta-perbendaharaan sangat berharga bagi klas buruh sedunia dan lagu proletariat sedunia.

Zuwiderhandeln ist Verbrechen an unserem Stolz, an der Partei. Arriba, parias de la Tierra. Wir waren nichts, jetzt sind wir da! To esas la finala kombato Grupez ni, e morgo L’internaciono esos homaro! The Indonesian corivo as sung by members of the Indonesian Communist Party.


Pois jo kansat holhouksen alta. This is why, probably, the English edition of Wikipedia has decided to supprime the discussion page on the Chernorussian language. The author is supposed to be one Azal Gorriak a Basque name, however. Appare chiaro, leggendo il testo, che la concezione di partito dei lavoratori di Pottier doveva essere ben diversa dalla nostra.


The following complete version does not appear as the one commonly sung in the Croatian langage. Piazza Calamatta, presso il porto, giugno So get fired up the lads, And do not dog the boys, The Internationale Will ring with sick cunt noise! An excellent site for those who enjoy all things about media and entertainment. A word-for-word Ido translation of the French original lyrics by Pottier.

To make the theif disgorge his booty To free the spirit from its cell We must ourselves decide our duty We must decide and do it well. La lingua kazaka viene trascritta con tre alfabeti: Believe it or not, mine is not the only Latin version.

Nonbait irakurri nuenez, sindikatu sozialista baten musika-bandakoa zen Degeyter hau, eta sukar iraultzailez musikatuko zuen poema borrokalari hori.

Bahan yang dipakai oleh kawan tersebut yalah teks terjemahan bahasa Tionghoa China dan bahasa Rusia. And if those cannibals keep trying To sacrifice us to their pride They soon shall hear the bullets flying We’ll shoot the generals on our own side. Moreover, it provides reviews of films and trailers in Russian.

Apri bene gli occhi, compagno E guarda dove sono i rinnegati Esci dalla nebbia di questa rada, Unisciti ai tuoi fratelli di lotta.

“Alfabeto russo in corsivo” L – YouTube

Sie flattern auf in Todesbangen — O steig empor, du Sonnenzeit! Debout, pour des roses et du pain! Geen messias kan ons ophef en geen gerustheid kan ons baat Slegs self kan ons die kettings afgooi van gierigheid en haat Ellende, honger kom tot einde die aardse diewe sal moet vort Soldate skaar hul by die stakings oorlog ewig opgeskort Skou’-aan-skouer in die suide spel ons die toekoms uit Die internasionale mensdom staan gelyk Skou’-aan-skouer in die suide spel ons die toekoms uit Die internasionale mensdom staan gelyk!


The Chinese 1 version, which is sung by most Chinese today, is not translated by Qu Qiubai, as showed on your site. Travailleurs groupons nous enfin. Lile the Swedish version, it is complete and suits well the French original lyrics including the anti-militarist stanza with even two variants ; but the last stanza has been added later by Carl Heinrich Petersen. La Internacional ha estat l’himne de la Segona, la Tercera i la Quarta Internacionals, i de la majoria de partits socialistes i comunistes.

You have all authority, all the blessings of the world.

The rhyming Italian version, consistent with the original French lyrics, included by Santo Catanuto and Franco Schirone in: Too long we’ve languished in subjection, Equality has other laws; “No rights,” says she “without their duties, No claims on equals without cause. Not God, nor Tsar, nor a hero. Schon jubeln des Siegers Signale! Ancora da Wikipedia in macedone.

Uit boeie van jul waan So magtig dreun die stem van rede en ‘n nuwe dag breek aan Ons boesems buig voor geen geloof meer Ons baar geen slawe vir die kerk Ons staan nou enig en berade Ons gemeenskap maak ons sterk Skou’-aan-skouer in die suide spel ons die toekoms uit Die internasionale mensdom staan gelyk Skou’-aan-skouer in die suide spel ons corsuvo toekoms uit Die internasionale alfabeot staan gelyk! Seperti misalnya dalam bait pertama kalimat terakhir. Il gruppo ska basco Betagarri.

Nosotros mismos realicemos el esfuerzo redentor.