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How to Disappear has ratings and 72 reviews. Frank M. Ahearn geeft in dit boek praktische tips hoe veilig(er) om te gaan met persoonlijke gegevens;. 23 May When life becomes too much, Frank Ahearn can help you disappear. He’s not cheap; this New York-based skip-tracer turned skip-maker. 4 Jun Frank Ahearn calls himself a “digital hit man” — if your reputation is He made his name in with his book How To Disappear, which.

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Then I wander into this bookstore where I run into this guy who’s buying books about offshore banking and living in Costa Rica and he pays with his credit card!

But the show also sets up a fascinating question — if you suddenly had to go on the run and hide, could you figure out how to do it? Mostly about social engineering. He began his carreer working undercover in retail, looking for employees stealing from department stores. The ideas are rather generic, not going into too much specifics about the “hows” but focusing more on the “whats” instead.

Your three-step magic act combines misinformation, disinformation and reformation.

Whether somebody is going to commit a crime or simply disappear, they’re not looking at their actions and asking, “How might I be discovered? Do criminals seek your services? His stories are enlightening in that it makes you think about how much of your pers I picked this one up because I wanted to see how I could limit my vulnerability with electronics.

That lead to a career in private investigating and becoming a “skip tracer,” a person who finds people who don’t want to be found — people who try very hard not to be found.


But once you enter his digital hall of mirrors, your every Web inquiry, online deposit, social media post and email to Mom will take crazy, cockeyed turns from self-expression into misdirection until poof!

You’re not a big fan of creating a new identity after you disappear. Leave trails of misdirection.

I would have liked to see more of t A fascinating look at how much information people can find on you, and how to make sure they don’t find it. Simply, living a correct legal life is the easier option. You use cards to misdirect as well.

A lot of times with my clients these days, visappear more the illusion of disappearing.

Q&A with author Frank Ahearn on the art of disappearing –

So, I have no plans to disappear, and if that ever changes I’d regard it as an imposition on my life. All that said, his insight into this world is sharp and at times hilarious. I get the stupidest emails from people who are either dumb cops or dumb criminals saying things like, “I need to get a fake passport. If you don’t have a cool grand handy, you can mooch some mojo from his book, “How to Disappear. I still appreciate Holmes for introducing me to deductive logic, but I’ve lost interest in the world of cloak-and-dagger.

Do nothing today but find these two women.

The intern turned out to be Monica Lewinsky. I can’t remember where I found the pointer to this book. I try to make sure that nothing ever comes into my world from aheearn unfortunate circumstances. Sep 15, Anna Richland rated it liked it Shelves: To me, disappearing is living a virtual existence. So if you have Facebook and Twitter, you start posting minimal stuff about Kansas City.

How to Disappear by Ahearn, Frank | Lyons Press

So we need to go backward and combat that information if possible. Yeah — they’re useless. Want to Read saving…. My favorite part was definitely the stories of past clients, which were usually both instructive and humorous. This book turned out to be interesting in a creepy way.


The author’s freshly sardonic writing style and a no-nonsense attitude also help to keep you engaged, although there is some repetitiveness in the latter parts of the book which could have been avoided. I did like this advice, from page If you have a house to sell, you need to turn it over to somebody with power of attorney so they can sell it for you. More as I read. Wow, the author’s writing style is They explain and illustrate key tactics such as misinformation destroying all the data known about you ; disinformation creating fake trails ; and, finally, reformation —the act of getting you from point A to point B without leaving clues.

He asks me, “Can you help?

How to Disappear

Practical Pragmatic Disappearing Advice Personally disappearing is a complicated and risky venture. After all, he once tracked down an unknown White House intern named Monica Lewinsky.

View all 3 comments. May 29, Sherry rated it liked it. You don’t have to physically go anywhere. Frank Ahearn is a privacy consultant who helps people who want to start a new life.

It’s amazing how much of what one thinks of as one’s own personal data is in fact public and free for the harvesting.