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Himu or Himalay (Bengali: হিমু or হিমালয়) is a popular fictional character created by the ISBN Himu Ebong Harvard Ph.D. Boltu Bhai (Himu and Harvard Ph.D brother Boltu). Anyaprokash. ISBN : Himu Ebong Harvard Ph. D. Boltu Bhai () by Humayun Ahmed and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. Documents Similar To Himu-Ebong-Harvard-PHD-Boltu-Bhai-by-Humayun- Megher Chaya by Humayun Ahmed. Uploaded by. api Holud.

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This site noltu Akismet to reduce spam. In fact, I am holding my anger back harvrad a lot of difficulty. I will prove there is no being called God in the book. Want to know how I burnt my lips? They observe people without heavy academic degrees like theirs like they are observing bushmen. Boltu Bhai slams the hotel door shut with a big bang right after me. Strike Boltu out and put my formal name there — Chowdhury Akhlakur Rahman.

Keeping silent a wee bit longer than usual, Boltu Bhai says: Sir, have you heard the name of Mumdo ghosts? Dipping the spoon into the teacup, he is scooping tea himu ebong harvard phd placing it into his mouth.

Just wanted to know what it means. With a lot of zeal, he harvxrd The microbus will remain with us for ten days. What unfolds at the shrine is totally in the realm of the unseen. Besides, your appointment is on contract basis. Flute, bugle, bagpipe, trumpet — all will belong to the futuri group. Have to move around in wheelchairs. Dipping the spoon into the teacup, he is scooping tea and placing it into his mouth. Himu, as depicted on the cover of the book Himu Notify me of new comments via email.

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I say, Japanese is even worse, they have five ways of addressing you. In my dreams, everyone calls me Boltu. We will go to a village named Shohagi in the district of Netrokona. Views Read Edit View history. I am sure she will be happy to know it. He has asked for lungi-gamchha and a Bangla dictionary. Corners of her lips are barely concealing the smile of amusement.

Strike Boltu out and put my formal name there — Chowdhury Akhlakur Rahman. Follow Alochonaa Dialogue on WordPress. Post was not sent – ebog your email addresses!

Make sure you are not going to say anything frivolous to Boltu. One is named Nut, the other one Boltu. I got no other choice but a double action. Or should I try making it clearer? Is it clear to you? But I have to say I like the name Boltu.

You just need to go deliver it. Boltu Bhai extends his ebogn and hails me to a stop. One is himu ebong harvard phd boltu bhai Nut, the bhi one Boltu. Which makes him a person who lives by the magical side of the world, not using logic. Thousands of copies will be sold.


Sweat drops of excitement is emanating from her forehead. A spoon dangles from his right hand.

Himu Ebong Harvard Ph.D Boltubhai by Humayun Ahmed

Even you are calling him Boltu without a break now. Aunty says in frustration: This is the first time Boltu Bhai surprises me instead. Cannot touch the hot cup with them. Articles containing Bengali-language text.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. What a distasteful mess! When a shrew dies, she becomes a Petni.

Himu wears a yellow panjabi that does not have a pocket and lives like a vagabond or a gypsy. Ever seen a Harvard PhD?



I am sure she will be happy to know it. And a bit red-faced at the same time.

It will be translated into many languages.