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26 Sep Copy of Técnicas moleculares utilizadas Copy of Técnicas moleculares utilizadas en Ciencias de la Salud y su · More prezis by author. 1 Nov Características del síndrome de doble Y $ Monday, November 01, Trisomía Sexual (Superhombre) Es un trastorno genético de los. XYY syndrome is a rare chromosomal disorder that affects males. It is caused by the presence of an extra Y chromosome. Males normally have one X and one Y.

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Once in every male births, for example, the sex chromosome complement is XXY rather than XY, thus erring in the direction sindroke femaleness. Genetic issues in public health and medicine. Common physical features may include tall stature, lack of secondary pubertal development, small testes hypogonadismdelayed pubertal development, and breast development gynecomastia in late puberty.

Disease definition 47, XYY syndrome is a sex chromosome aneuploidy where males receive an additional Y chromosome, and is characterized clinically by tall stature evident from childhood, macrocephaly, facial features mild hypertelorism, low set ears, a mildly flat malar regionspeech delay and an increased risk for social and emotional difficulties, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and autistic spectrum disorder.

The making of a myth”.

Send the link below via email or IM Copy. Glass, Bentley April 9, Send the link below via email or IM. One of TV’s most consistently rewarding series takes a grim and unforgettable detour into the bleak mindset of a teen-age sociopathic sibdrome. By the Pricking of My Thumbs Speech therapy, occupational therapy, or assistance for learning disabilities in the school setting may be of benefit. The resulting individual, called a Klinefelter male, is usually retarded, unusually tall and sterile.


That episode is about a serial killer with “criminal” genes. XYY syndrome is a rare chromosomal disorder that affects males. Fertility and sexual development are normal. Birth defects original article series 26 4. Engel, Eric September Pergament said he and Dr. Because these boys are at a higher risk for having learning disabilities, they may benefit from speech therapy, tutoring, and general awareness of the specific issues they struggle with.

XYY syndrome is a rare chromosomal disorder present at birth that affects only males. Behavioral assessment should be considered for children who are having difficulty xyy symptoms such as impulsivity, poor attention, xhy social skills. Do you really want to sindromr this prezi?

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See more popular or the latest prezis. Getty did say that a chromosomal test was performed on Speck, before Speck’s trial, by a geneticist from outside the Chicago area.

Symptoms of the following disorders can be similar to those of XYY syndrome.


XYY syndrome – Wikipedia

Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Many experience severe acne during adolescence.

The syndrome is diagnosed in an increasing number of children prenatally by amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling [22] in order to obtain a chromosome karyotype, where the abnormality can be observed. While the IQ is in the normal range, it is usually lower than xhy of sibs or controls, and about half of XYY boys have a mild learning difficulty, and may display poor attention and impulsivity in the classroom.

Investigational Therapies Information on siindrome clinical trials is posted on the Internet at www. No link to aggressive crime”.

XYY syndrome

However, individuals with this syndrome have one X and two Xxyy chromosomes. From an epidemiological point of view, I would have preferred to have done 80, Reading difficulties xuy common due to an increased incidence of dyslexia.

Glass, Bentley January 8, During amniocentesis, a sample of fluid that surrounds the developing fetus is removed and analyzed, while CVS involves the removal of tissue samples from a portion of the placenta. Harvard faculty says XYY study should continue”.